Join us at Basic Income Marches and Rallies in September, 2021 across Canada and around the world!  

If we want a basic income, we need to show up, show your support, and be seen by the politicians and the media. Only in large numbers will the our political parties decide to make basic income a priority and part of their official party platform. 

Sign up on this page to show your interest in attending a local march, volunteering, or hosting one in your city. The following cities have marches or rallies currently being organized.

Saturday Sept 18, 2021Toronto 

Saturday Sept 25, 2021: Montreal, Victoria, Winnipeg, Waterloo, and London

More locations are in the works so if you'd like to help organize a rally in your community, please select "Organize" in the Type of Involvement drop down menu.

UBI Works is helping promote and run events, both in-person and online, and we would love to see you there! If you sign up, we'll keep you informed about the rallies closest to you. 

Check out photos from the first ever Basic Income March 2019 in Toronto here.

You can also help by making a small donation to UBI Works to help us fund the rallies and pay for things like signs, educational materials, venue costs, and promotion.